Paragraph 79 House

Status: Planning Negotiations
Local Authority: Mid-Suffolk
Size: 11,000sqft / 1000sqm
Client: Private client

The site is a 7 hectare plot of land located near the centre of a village in the Mid-Suffolk area, currently classed as agricultural land though not farmed for many years.

Suffolk countryside is typified by open fields interspersed with trees and hedgerows. The area was historically a centre of wealth and a focal point for high quality and innovative housebuilding but in recent decades has suffered significantly due to the application of overly restrictive planning policies.

The proposed scheme utilises a special area of planning policy known as ‘Paragraph 79’ or ‘The Country House Clause’, which permits the construction of houses of high quality design or of an innovative nature to be built outside of the defined settlement boundaries.

Following discussions with the Local Authority, MacAusland Design have produced a scheme for a substantial contemporary house set within a new parkland estate to be occupied by Alpacas, Sheep, Peacocks and other animals and birds. The landscaping includes wooded areas, an orchard, pavilion, secluded recreational lawn areas, a fir tree plantation, a bee-keeping area and wildflower meadows.

The proposal will result in a significant net increase in biodiversity over the entire 7 hectare site.

The scheme is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional country house and working small estate.

The clients had extremely specific requirements with regards to layout, functionality and technology.

The architectural styling and choice of materials is intended to be slightly futuristic while the linear form of the building reflects the form of the local landscape and site.

The colour of the buildings relates to the traditional black barns which are a familiar feature in the local landscape. An existing agricultural building on the site is retained and re-clad to match the proposed house.

Key features of the scheme include:

  • Extensive private tree lined driveway.
  • Secluded internal courtyard garden and green lightwells.
  • Spacious entertaining spaces internally and externally.
  • Generous bedroom suites (by local standards).
  • Full passenger lift.
  • Indoor Swimming Pool, hot tub, steam room, sauna and associated facilities.
  • Substantial garage and workshop areas.
  • Outdoor dining area with outdoor kitchen/bar area.
  • Circular entrance drive with could be adapted to serve as a helicopter landing area.
  • ‘Lifetime Home’ compliant design to enable use by disabled persons.
  • A solar electric array concealed within the roof.
  • Underground heat/cooling pump with air and energy management systems.
  • Vast gain to the net biodiversity of the entire site.